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Dentist in Vaughan
Dentist in Vaughan
  1. Where can I find Vitalo?

Vitalo is located at J.A Pengelstraat 220.

  1. What products are available at Vitalo?

Vitalo sells poultry and cattle feed. Through its sister company SBT, ther is a wide range of medications, vitamins and farming attributes for various animal groups.

  1. Does Vitalo also sell vaccination against animal diseases?

Vitalo does not sell vaccines. The hatcheries where the chickens were purchased should provide a vaccination schedule.

  1. Is there breeding information and advice available?

Information and guidance is given if desired. Furthermore a number of brochures are available with all kinds of information for the novice or experienced breeding farmer.

  1. Is it possible that Vitalo experts visit my company on site?

Vitalo is ready to give advice on site, known as “on the spot” advice.

  1. How fast does a chicken grow?

Tests at Gembeco showed that broiler chickens are at slaughter weight of 1.8 to 2.0 kg. within 5.5 weeks when following the feed and breeding advice of Vitalo.

  1. I would like to start a chicken farm, but I do not have any experience. Could Vitalo help me with this?

Before starting any farm, there are several factors that should be taken into account with various animal groups. The information required can be found in the information folders and when necessary you can come by for personal advice and guidance.

  1. I would like to start a chicken farm, but I am worried about a disease outbreak.

Information has been provided by Vitalo to recognize and treat basic illnesses. In the case of a severe or hard to recognize diseases, you are advised to call in a vetinarian.

  1. Why is there rice processed into various types of feed?

Rice and rice byproducts are used because they are released during rice processing and have an appropriate nutritional value and are excellent for livestock feed. Rice helps us to be less dependent on imported raw materials.

  1. What raw materials are processed in Vitalo feed?

Corn, Soy, rice and rice byproducts, wheat bran, premix, additives, lime.

  1. Do they contain particles that are dangerous to humans and the environment?

All materials meet the EU standards and are thoroughly tested before being processed into finished feed. Thus there are no substances that are harmful to humans and the environment.

  1. Does the Vitalo feed have an experiation date?

When properly stored the shelf life of Vitalo feed is 3 weeks.

  1. I find the Surinamese grown chicken tastes better than imported chicken and chicken portions. Why is that?

Surinamese grown chicken fed with Vitalo feed tastes better because no growth hormones are used. Furthermore, all recipes are specially developed to achieve the best results in tropical conditions.

  1. Why should I prefer Vitalo feed to other brands?

Vitalo feed stands for quality. We can guarantee that there are no hormones and antibiotics (growth promoters) in the feed.

  1. Could I get specially tailored feed at Vitalo?

Special feed can be made on request at Vitalo, given it’s certified by EU norms.