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Dentist in Vaughan
Dentist in Vaughan

Vitalo is continuously busy to develop new recipes and improving on existing ones, suitable for tropical conditions, which will be tested in an appropriate manner. It’s also on the basis of these tests that the latest type of feed Vitalo arose because Broiler Feed Ration (BRF). The tests which have been done with this food to the Joint Operating Copieweg (Gembeco) the following has been found:

  • In case of feeding the breeding of chickens with BRF cocci feed, the farmer may be sufficient for the entire growing cycle with only one feed type, so that there is less loss when switching the feed. The BRF cocci diet is suitable for chickens from day 0 till butchering (day 42).
  • The feeder conversion (kg feed needed per kg of meat) of the chickens bred with BRF cocci feed is good. Breeding BRF cocci usually means better (lower) feed conversion and better growth of chickens.
  • The slaughter weight (1.8-2 kg) a half weeks was achieved earlier.
  • Raising with BRF cocci feed is cheaper than a combination of the different.

Weight of chicken raised with BRF | Create infographics