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Feed Production

Dentist in Vaughan
Dentist in Vaughan

Feed production (process)

At Vitalo we make use of different foreign raw materials and local resources in the production process. Local raw materials (rice and rice byproducts) are mixed with foreign materials (soybean meal, corn and wheat bran), and premixes before or after grinding. The dosing, grinding and mixing of the raw materials and additives is done automatically after a command has been given to the computer to make a particular feed type according to a sophisticated and balanced recipe. After this, the food product will be packaged in sizes of 10 kg and 40 kg.

Before our final product is marketed, the necessary raw materials and consumables are thoroughly tested in our laboratory, in accordance with international norms and standards. These test are e.g.

  • NIR (moisture, crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber content)
  • Granulometric analysis

The raw materials and food samples are also regularly analyzed in both Suriname and abroad (Belgium).

Feed ingredients

Ready feed

Which companies benefit from Vitalo

Vitalo is a 100% Surinamese company that strives to produce high-quality animal feed primarily for the local market. Wherever possible raw homegrown materials are incorporated. So far rice and by-products from this sector have been used.

Local stakeholders in the economic circuit where spin off effects of Vitalo’s activity can be observed are:

  • riceproducers
  • transporters
  • packaging industries
  • cattle farmers
  • retailers/resellers